Small Tree Pruning Services

* Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
  No tree topping! Careful thinning and pruning to maintain the health and appearance of ornamental trees.
* Fruit Trees
Thinning of water sprouts and proper pruning to enhance fruit production.
* Specialize in Artistic Pruning of Japanese Maples and Pines
maple before
Selective pruning, thinning and shaping to enhance the beauty of these trees.


Japanese Maple Before Pruning
Japanese Maple After Pruning

Consulting Services

* Homeowner Consultations
  Personal visits to inspect landscape trees and shrubs.
* Hazard Tree Evaluations

* Recently attained designation as Certified Tree Risk Assessor.
Inspect trees for their health & safety.

* Pest Diagnosis  
  Check trees and shrubs for insects and diseases. Control recommendations provided -if needed.
* Tree Damage Appraisals  
  Valuation of trees or shrubs damaged or destroyed during auto accidents, vandalism or were cut or damaged without permission by a known party.
* Contruction Site Monitoring  
  Protection of trees during construction.
* Green Belt Preservation  
  Greenbelt surveys to detect dangerous trees. Management plans designed to maintain the health of greenbelts.
* Expert Witness Services  

Preparation of reports for depositions, trials and other legal matters.

* Christmas Tree Consultations  

Recommendations in all phases of Christmas tree management. Author of over 200 articles on Christmas tree industry.