Small Tree Pruning Services

* Ornamental Trees and Shrubs
  No tree topping! Careful thinning and pruning to maintain the health and appearance of ornamental trees.
* Fruit Trees
  Thinning of water sprouts and proper pruning to enhance fruit production.  
* Specialize in Artistic Pruning of Japanese Maples and Pines
  Selective pruning, thinning and shaping to enhance the beauty of these trees.  

Consulting Services

* Homeowner Consultations
  Personal visits to inspect landscape trees and shrubs.
* Hazard Tree Evaluations

ISA Certified Tree Risk Assessor.
Inspect trees for their health & safety.

* Pest Diagnosis  
  Check trees and shrubs for insects and diseases. Control recommendations provided -if needed.
* Tree Damage Appraisals  
  Valuation of trees or shrubs damaged or destroyed during auto accidents, vandalism or were cut or damaged without permission by a known party.
* Contruction Site Monitoring  
  Protection of trees during construction.
* Green Belt Preservation  
  Greenbelt surveys to detect dangerous trees. Management plans designed to maintain the health of greenbelts.
* Expert Witness Services  

Preparation of reports for depositions, trials and other legal matters.

* Christmas Tree Consultations  

Recommendations in all phases of Christmas tree management. Author of over 200 articles on Christmas tree industry.